3D ONE Hybrid Compound and Polish

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  • Combination hybrid compound/polish – Can cut like an aggressive compound or finish-out like a fine-cut polish – in a single product.
  • Uses engineered ceramic alumina abrasives, which reduce surface temperature.
  • Forever buffing cycle – stays active and wet on the surface as long as you buff.
  • ZERO dusting. Note the word ZERO is in all CAPITAL LETTERS!
  • Easy wipe-off and no hurry – wipe off immediately or after buffing out entire car.
  • Versatile cut – for more correction use a cutting pad, for better finishing, use a finishing pad.
  • No fillers – the results you see are true and accurate.
  • Body shop safe – contains no silicones or any ingredient that can contaminate a fresh paint environment.
  • Water-based for easy clean-up
  • Green technology is Earth friendly – V.O.C. compliant, and biodegradable.

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3D ONE Hybrid Compound and Polish removes below surface paint defects like swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation. Can be used with aggressive pads and powerful tools for removing deep and/or serious paint defects or can be used with soft foam pads and free spinning orbital polishers to finish out for show car results.

3D ONE is the first product that can do both, cut and finish and most important – this hybrid compound/polish works and delivers consistent results over a wide-spectrum or car paints. When it comes to paint correction, the unknown variable between different cars is paint hardness. Some cars can have very hard paint while other cars can have very soft paint and some cars of course are right in the middle, the sweet spot.

3D ONE works on all paint types, hard, medium, and soft. And you can control the level of cut or finish by simply changing the type of pad or the type of pad together with the type of tool. With 3D ONE, you can get rid of all your other antiquated compounds and polishes because now there is finally a product that will in fact do it all.

Besides offering incredible cutting and finishing ability, the product never dries up on you. Meaning you can buff until the cows come home and the product works throughout the entire buffing cycle and just as important – ZERO DUSTING! So many compounds and product dry-up and then start creating dust all over the car, your pad and you! No so with 3D ONE.

No fillers. 3D ONE does not contain any fillers, or any ingredients intended to fill, mask, or camouflage swirls and scratches. The results you see are true and accurate.

Also – Super easy wipe off. Most compounds become sticky and can become difficult to wipe-off after buffing. 3D ONE is easy to wipe-off immediately after buffing and for hours after buffing. Easy wipe-off mans less risk for user-induced towel wiping marring and better yet – less tiring for you.