3D SPEED 1 Step Correction Glaze 16oz

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3D Speed is a all-in-one correction glaze that will remove light to moderate scratches and swirl marks, leaving a wax protection behind. It’s easy to use, easy to apply and remove.

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3D SPEED 1 Step Correction Glaze 16oz

Suitable for use with most pads use a firm cutting pad, a heavy cutting pad or a soft finishing pad dependant on the type a correction that you would like to make. Simply apply four coin sized drops to the pad.

How to use:

Rub the Speed correction wax into the surface of the car paint. On our 3D polisher or any dual action polisher set it to level four  or any speed you’re comfortable with and turn it on. Always start with the machine on the surface. What you’re going to do for more correction is move it slower across the surface. Very easy simple patterns, you don’t need to force the product down on the paint surface. Let it do the work for you. With 3D Speed you have a long open working time whether you are outdoors or in an enclosed area.

You can use a speed up to use 3D SPEED for correction. If you want to, you can apply 3D SPEED more as a wax.  Slow down the speed and it will turn into a wax. it’s just a swipe to remove using microfiber towel in a back and forth motion.

Remove all 3D Speed. Now the shine has been revealed, paint correction has been completed. That’s all there is to it.


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