3D Wipe

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  • Premium ceramic coating surface prep
  • Removes excess oils, lubricants, and residue from paint prior to applying ceramic coating
  • Strengthens bind between paint and ceramic coating layer for longer lasting protection
  • Simply spray and wipe small surface areas for proper preparation

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3D Wipe is a professional grade panel wipe

Generically these types of products are called panel wipes. As the name implies, you use these types of product to wipe down a panel. The idea being to chemically dissolve and remove any polishing oils or other substances left on the surface of car paint typically after any paint correction steps that have been performed.

Normal steps for a full exterior detail

When it comes to applying a conventional car wax or synthetic sealant, the normal steps include,

  1. Wash and dry the car.
  2. Clay the paint if there are any above surface bonded contamination detected via the Baggie Test.
  3. Compound and polish the paint to remove any below surface defects like swirls and scratches.
  4. Apply a car wax or synthetic paint coating.