Alien Magic Pure Magic Citrus Prewash

  • Powerful citrus-based formula for effective removal of tough dirt and grime.
  • Non-abrasive and gentle formulation that is safe for all vehicle surfaces.
  • Refreshing citrus fragrance leaves your vehicle smelling clean and revitalized.
  • Easy-to-use solution for hassle-free application and rinsing.
  • Professional-grade cleaning results for a spotless and showroom-worthy finish.

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Alien Magic Pure Magic Citrus Pre-Wash & Grime Remover 500ml


Alien Magic Pure Magic Citrus Prewash is the ultimate solution for a spotless and fresh vehicle. This high-quality prewash is formulated with powerful citrus-based ingredients to effortlessly tackle tough dirt, grime, and road contaminants. With its non-abrasive and gentle formulation, it ensures a safe cleaning process that won’t harm your vehicle’s delicate finishes. Experience the invigorating citrus fragrance while achieving professional-grade results with ease. Elevate your car cleaning routine with Alien Magic Pure Magic Citrus Prewash and unveil a brilliantly clean and revitalized vehicle.

Direction For Use:

    • Rinse the vehicle to remove any loose debris
    • Spray Pure Magic directly onto the surface and leave to dwell for 3 minutes
    • Thoroughly rinse using a pressure washer ensure no product remains

Do not use in direct sunlight.

Safe to use out of a bottle but can also be diluted up to 1 part of product and 20 parts of water for economy use.

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Alien Magic Pure Magic Citrus Prewash – 500ml, Alien Magic Pure Magic Citrus Prewash – 5L


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