Alien Magic Triple X Insect, Bird Lime & Sap Remover

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  • Gently but easily breaks down ALL organic matter that would permanently etch or stain paintwork
  • Powerful water-based formula safe on all exterior surfaces
  • Eliminates the need for scrubbing which would install swirls in paint
  • Leaves a clean, streak-free finish

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Alien Magic Triple X Insect, Bird Lime & Sap Remover

Dead Insects and bird lime contain harsh organic matter which is lethal if left unattended etching or staining the paintwork. Tree sap may not be as corrosive but it is also far from friendly when it drops onto paintwork and attaches itself.

Triple X is a powerful water-based formula that gently breaks down and lifts away the most stubborn dried dead insects, bird lime and tree sap without the need for scrubbing to prevent it causing permanent damage, in-fact Triple X is powerful enough to remove any organic matter.

The powerful formula is safe to used on all external surfaces including clear coat, single stage paint, glass, rubber, plastic and vinyl leaving a clean streak free finish.


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