Armor All Headlight Restorer Wipes Kit

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Over time headlights made of polycarbonate plastic cloud over; mostly due to oxidation caused by UV rays that degrade and discolour the outer layers of plastic. Armor All Headlight Restorer Wipes Kit helps to clean, polish and restore like new. This simple, easy and straightforward solution involves no sandpaper or tools, allowing you to restore your headlights like new in little or no time with less effort!

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Armor All Headlight Restorer Wipes Kit

  • Pre-dosed wipes – no guesswork involved
  • No tools or sandpaper required
  • Simple two-step process: Step 1 wipe cleans and removes the oxidation x 2pcs, Step 2 sealant wipe protects the headlight x 1pc
  • Easily wipes away oxidation
  • Restores headlights like new
  • Lasting UV protection
  • Efficient and more importantly, convenient
  • Help pass your MOT


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