Autobrite Vision + Glass Cleaner 500ml

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Product Features

  • Glass/perspex/acrylic cleaner and rain repellent
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and easy
  • Enhances rain repellency to the surface.
  • Helps to remove the debris/bugs
  • Vision+ is also safe for Carbon fibre, Kevlar & Fibreglass

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Autobrite Vision + Glass Cleaner


Vision + is an easy to use glass/perspex/acrylic cleaner and rain repellent. Designed to make cleaning glass, polycarbonate and Perspex surfaces quick and easy while also adding safety enhancing rain repellency to the surface. Developed specifically with motorcycles in mind this product is great to use while out on the road, helping to remove the debris/bugs that can accumulate while out riding/driving
Vision+ is also helmet safe no matter the material. Carbon fibre, Kevlar, Fibreglass.




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