AutoGlanz ZeroH20 Waterless Car Wash

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  • Waterless Wash
  • Added gloss enhancers
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Anti-scratch properties
  • Nanotechnology
  • Dilutable up to 1:3

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AutoGlanz ZeroH20 Waterless Car Wash


AutoGlanz ZeroH2O is a highly advanced waterless wash formulated to safely encapsulate dirt and grime so it can be safely and effectively removed with a microfiber without causing any damaged to the painted surface.

Perfect for use on lightly soiled surfaces when conventional cleaning is not possible but a high-quality finish and gloss is still desired. The ultimate car show products, arrive, wipe and shine!

ZeroH2O has been developed to remove light to medium soiling when conventional cleaning methods are not possible. If your vehicle is heavily soiled then we suggest you do not use this product.

  • Shake the product well and apply liberally to the surface being treated, ensure no areas that will be contacted are left dry.
  • Allow the product to dwell for 30 seconds, this will help to lift soiling away from the surface.
  • With a plush, deep pile microfiber, wipe from one side to the other in straight lines applying minimal pressure!
  • Once one pass has been completed, fold the microfiber and repeat. If soiling is still visible at this stage apply more product.
  • If all soiling is removed, fold the microfiber again and buff the product residue to a high gloss, scratch-free finish.

ZeroH2O contains active, high lubricating technology to ensure any soiling on the vehicle simply glides over the surface. It also contains gloss enhancers designed to leave a high gloss, protected shine after every use.


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