Bilt Hamber Auto-Balm Superior Gloss Protection System

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Supplied with one app pad but no microfibre buffing cloth.

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Bilt Hamber Auto-Balm Superior Gloss Protection System

Bilt Hamber auto-balm is a unique corrosion-inhibiting synthetic sealant that protects and enhances the appearance of both automotive paint finishes and bare metal surfaces. Traditional sealants and waxes are generally formulated using acrylic resins and hard natural waxes, but when these products are buffed off the ultra-thin high gloss films they leave behind are not always substantial enough to provide adequate environmental protection. This is particularly so in the winter months, when the widespread use of road salt creates a highly corrosive micro-environment on our roads, and also in seaside locations, where salt spray poses a threat all year round. Bilt Hamber auto-balm provides an effective solution to these problems, as it lays down a film of complex corrosion inhibiting molecules that lock together tightly, thus enabling them to remain functional in an ultra-thin high gloss film. This molecular barrier is not only substantial enough to fill minor sub-surface defects and seal the capillary pore structure in paint finishes, but also to inhibit the corrosion of bare metals and bare metal substrates exposed by stone-chip and other penetrating damage. Bilt Hamber auto-balm is the result of thousands of hours of laboratory development and testing, and is unrivalled in terms of the anti-corrosion protection it imparts.


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