Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay Bar

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Effortlessly lift iron particles from paintwork and leave the paint as smooth as glass.

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Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay Bar

Run your fingers over your freshly washed and dried paint work. Feel for a rough, gritty texture? This is caused by embedded particles. Bonnets are often the most contaminated.

If you can feel these particles, atomise a fine mist of clean tap water over a 2-3 square feet area, using a plant mister or suitable spray.

Glide the Auto-Clay over the wet surface; properly lubricated clay will move effortlessly just like an ice hockey puck on ice.

You may well hear the contamination at first, this will quickly reduce as you move the bar back and forth. Keep the bar moving until the noise is no longer heard.

Check again with your finger tips to check that all the contamination has been removed.

Once your car’s paint is glass smooth – and it really will be – use Auto-Balm, Cleanser-Polish, Finis-Wax, Hydra-Wax or Micro-Fine to seal the pores and provide a deep gloss shine.

How To Use

Before using auto-clay thoroughly wash your car to remove any loose dirt. Direct sunlight should not fall on your car’s surface, and it’s best if the work area is relatively cool, but not cold.

To use Auto-Clay spray water with a plant mister on a small area of your car and rub the bar back and forth with light pressure. Auto-Clay should glide across your paint, keep the paint surface wetted thoroughly. Auto-Clay must not be used dry. Listen carefully – at first you will hear the bar as it pulls the particles away from the paint, the noise and friction will disappear quickly.

After a few passes with Auto-Clay, rub your fingers over the area to feel if the surface contamination was removed. Keep rubbing until all contamination is gone. Finally, wipe the clay residue off with a soft terrycloth towel. Just like when waxing, work in small areas.

What you should see coming off of the car and depositing itself on the Auto-Clay bar is a reddish-brown residue, this is what you want to see. As the clay bar becomes soiled, simply fold it over squash it out and keep going. Under no circumstances should the clay bar be used if dropped on the ground, inside or out! The clay bar is good for about four or five cleans on the average-sized car. Once the paint is clean, wax your car immediately.

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