CarPro Flyby Forte Extreme Glass Sealant Kit

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Kit Contains:

  • 15ml Carpro Flyby Forte
  • Cotton Applicators(5)
  • 1 CarPro suede cloth
  • 50ml Eraser
  • 50ml Ceriglass
  • 1 Rayon hand polish block

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CarPro Flyby Forte Extreme Glass Sealant Kit

CARPRO FlyBy Forte is a technologically advanced windshield coating, this is the 2021 kit. Development of Flyby Forte was heavily based on the latest and most advanced mobile phone anti-scratch protection. Their inorganic Nano-tech coating was specifically designed for extreme semi-permanent durability and long-term resistance to abrasion and chemicals. Correct application of Forte will give you superb repellency against water on your car windscreen and long life durability!

Flyby Forte is the one of the very best we have come across in windscreen and glass coatings! Unlike traditional glass coatings, which attach to the surface, Forte fully bonds by penetrating the top surface of glass, merging and transforming it into a hydrophobic smooth surface. Flyby Forte does not allow chattering, wiper noise, or degradation of the glass. Rain droplets slide off fast at speeds beyond 30mph for a minimum of 6 months. Expected durability is up to 2 years. Enhance your safety with superior vision in bad weather using Flyby Forte!

Flyby Forte was tested to over 40,000 real time wiper cleaning cycles, is UV stable, highly chemical resistant, and provides resistance to scratches and minor chips.


  • Wear gloves.
  • Avoid applying over rubber trim or to the paint.
  • If product contacts paint or rubber wipe off with wet microfiber towel immediately.
  • Do not use Ceriglass unless you are proficient in glass polishing.


  1. Polish the glass with a compound such as CarPro ClearCut. If the glass has swirls and you are proficient in glass polishing, then use CarPro Ceriglass to remove them.
  2. Clean surface free of polishing oil residue with CarPro Eraser
  3. Wet the supplied applicator just enough so that it does not feel grabby during step 4. Apply more to applicator as needed.
  4. Apply in circular motion in an organised pattern across the glass and do not wipe off. It will flash nearly invisible as you apply.
  5. On windshield: Repeat steps 3 and 4 (2 more times – 3 coats total) / On side windows skip this and move to next step.
  6. Using the same applicator (but no additional Forte) once again repeat step 4 buffing off any trace of residue until the surface is 100% transparent and clear.
  7. For side windows only 1 layer is needed.
  8. Keep surface dry for 4 hours with no wiper blades for 24 hours.


FlyByForte may be layered further at your discretion for increased thickness and durability.

*This coatings shelf life expectancy is approximately 12-14 months unopened, and 6 months or less once opened.*


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