CarPro Hydr02 lite Rinse Sealant 500ml

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CarPro Hydr02 Lite Spray & Rinse Sealant 500ml

CarPro Hydr02 lite, Slim’s introduces the incredibly easy to use, effective, and revolutionary TRUE WIPE-LESS spray sealant! CarPro HydrO2 is formulated with Hydrophilic glass fibers, silicon polymers, and fluoropolymers and can be applied to all vehicle surfaces! Paint, glass, plastic, convertible tops, wheels, calipers, and wheel wells are all easily within reach with Hydr02. Hydr02 was specifically formulated to save time and therefore money for all the Car Pros and enthusiast alike!


This new innovative coat forms an ultra-water-repellent coating and is applied by simply spraying and and then rinsing off with only water! You no longer have to wipe the surface dry.


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