CarPro Merino Wool Mitt

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  • The stitching of this hand pocket is very durable
  • Comfortable and doesn’t slip off the hand
  • Do not Machine Wash

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CarPro Merino Wool Mitt

This Mitt is the ultimate in luxurious gentle auto wash tools and is a must have for anyone who loves their vehicle or cares for their quality of work they provide on others! This is a Slim’s favourite and undoubtedly amongst the best mitts we have ever used. For those that like to be able to get in and out of the mitt without using your other hand this is a great feature. For instance: with the mitt on a horizontal panel you can easily remove your hand with no effort whatsoever. At the same time the mitt never slips off on it’s own. Another benefit of this design is the pocket doesn’t rob wash solution at each visit to the bucket. The stitching of this hand pocket is very durable.


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