Duel Assault Snow Foam

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  • Super foamy
  • Great cleaning power
  • Long dwell times
  • Safe on wax & sealants
  • Apple Scent

How To Use:

  1. 100ml into your snow foam lance bottle
  2. Add 400ml of water.
  3. Apply to the entire vehicle exterior
  4. Agitate with Duel detailing brush where needed
  5. Allow to dwell and rinse with jet wash

Warning – Do not allow the product to dry on the vehicle surface, so care should be taken when used in direct sunlight

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Duel Assault Snow Foam

Assault pre-wash snow foam is specially formulated with high-intensity cleaning power and long dwell times that create the perfect pre-wash product for heavy road grime, without causing harm to existing protection.

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500ml, 5L


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