Flexipads Liquid Shine Fine Cut 500ml

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Flexipads FINE CUT Liquid Shine quickly and easily removes marks from P2000 sanding papers and moderate oxidation to create a high gloss finish. It is free of silicone, wax and glaze and removes problems rather than hides them.

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Flexipads Liquid Shine Fine Cut 500ml

  • Easily removes P2000 marks
  • Designed for Ceramic and Scratch resistant Clearcoat
  • Excellent for final finish on Gelcoat
  • Free of silicone, wax or glaze
  • Colour coded to match the appropriate Turquoise foam
  • No filler: Removes problems rather than hide them
  • Water based
  • Designed for all types of paints
  • High Gloss (91 gloss units)
  • No splattering
  • Works at low speed (up to 1800 rpm)
  • No water needed (but can be used with it)
  • To be used on fresh or fully cured paints
  • Can be used with foam and wool pads
  • Free of Silica for better health and safety
  • Doesn’t mark plastics
  • Biodegradable

For a perfect finish and high shine repeat the process with our ZERO SWIRL polish.

To be used on a clean and properly cured surface, avoiding hot surfaces and direct sunlight. Use with our blue medium compounding foam (AP015) on an electric or air-fed polisher at approximately 1800 RPM. Apply a small quantity of FINE CUT onto the foam pad, place the foam onto the surface to be rectified and start the machine, moving the polisher in a circular motion.
Clean the surface with a soft polishing cloth once the operation is finished.


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