GTECHNIQ EXO V5 Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating 30ml

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Key Features

  • 18-24 months durability
  • Easy to apply (one layer product)
  • Adds gloss, water and dirt repellency

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Why Choose GTechniq EXOv5 for Ultimate Last Surface Protection?

Discover the exceptional benefits of GTechniq EXOv5, powered by advanced composite siloxane technology. This innovative formula brings ease to the removal of water spots and road grime, while providing excellent resistance against a wide range of wash chemicals. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a hydrophobic coating that can withstand micro-marring, ensuring your vehicle stays immaculate.

The high-gloss finish achieved by GTechniq EXOv5 adds a warm-looking and visually stunning touch to your vehicle’s appearance. But it’s not just about looks – this coating also offers remarkable durability. Its consistent film provides enhanced resistance to road salt and harsh wash chemicals, outperforming its predecessors. You’ll appreciate the simplified application process as well, with just a single layer required and a slow flash-off time that allows ample time to achieve that flawless finish. This product is also safe on matt & satin finishes.



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