GTECHNIQ G Wash Shampoo

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Prior to washing, remove loose dirt and contaminants from your vehicle by rinsing with a hose or jet wash. For best results use a snow foam and lance to loosen begin to break down surface dirt.

For light dirt use 2 caps per bucket and 4 caps for heavy dirt. Now on to the wash, begin washing the upper surfaces and work your way down, rinsing your wash mitt in a separate bucket of water as you go to release dirt and then replenish your mitt in a second bucket containing your dilution of water and Gtechniq G-Wash. Brake dust is highly abrasive so ideally use another mitt for cleaning your wheels. Ensure that you never press hard to remove dirt and always rinse your car thoroughly to remove all soap residues. Once complete – gently dry your car with a soft microfibre drying towel.

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