Gyeon Q2M PPF Wash – Shampoo for PPF & Paint 400ml

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While being effective against metal contamination on polyurethane film, Q²M PPF Wash remains a safe shampoo on all exterior surfaces. Its formula ensures generous suds for a slick wash routine on the rest of your vehicle, coated or not

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Gyeon Q2M PPF Wash – Shampoo for PPF & Paint 400ml

Gyeon Q²M PPF Wash 400ml is an effective decontamination shampoo that can dissolve mild iron deposit from any automotive film & paint without the need to clay.

Q²M PPF Wash is great to use as a foaming agent not only on paint but also on wheels. Being super slick, it will allow a safe wash procedure of any type of wheels, coated or not.

  • Super concentrated  – 1:500
  • pH neutral formula – ph6
  • Super slick and safe
  • High foaming
  • Consumption: 20-30ml/ car
  • Coating safe formula


    Q²M PPF Wash is a 3 in 1 product – its will clean, decontaminate & restore initial properties of your PPF or vinyl film. It might be used as foam or a traditional shampoo – make it a versatile maintenance solution for your vehicle.

    400ml bottle with pump



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