Gyeon Q2M Towel Wash

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Gyeon Q2M Towel Wash

Gyeon Q2M TowelWash is a liquid detergent specifically designed and formulated for the cleaning of your Microfibre Cloths and Applicators. Unlike conventional laundry detergents, Q2M TowelWash contains no bleach or fabric softeners, both which will actually damage the structure of the microfibre fabrics over time.

Good high quality microfibres don’t come cheap, and as much as we all know you can never have too many microfibre cloths, maintenance and after-use care and washing is not something that often spoken about.

Gyeon Q2M Towel Wash will clean your cloths safely, effectively and will help preserve the performance of your Microfibre Cloths and applicators even after many washes. Use Q2M Towel Wash to wash your Microfibre Towels, Cloths, Applicators and even Foam Pads and Lambswool Wash Mitts.

Directions for use:

For front loading machines rated up to 8kg, add 30 ml for half loads, 50 ml for full loads to the detergent / soap tray. Wash at a maximum temperature of 40°C and use a slow spin only. After washing has completed, it is recommended that you should only naturally air dry, or use a dryer on a low/cool setting only.

Use of a hot dryer or heater may permanently damage and shrink their polyamide content, in turn reducing their softness and absorbency.

500ml Bottle


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