Hygan The Complete Wheel Car Care Kit

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  • Tyre Applicator Pad (1pc) – perfectly designed, our flawlessly constructed, high- density synthetic sponge pad allows the optimal amount of tyre gel to be applied for a seamless application.
  • LH Round Alloy Cleaner (1pc) – this long-lasting, durable cylindrical tool is ideal for removing grime and dirt from the most inaccessible areas effectively and without marking surfaces.
  • LH Oval Alloy Spoke Cleaner (1pc) – an oval shaped tool perfect for removing grime, dirt, and brake dust from the most inaccessible areas to effectively clean complex alloy wheel designs.

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Hygan The Complete Wheel Car Care Kit

Wheel Car Care Kit contains the ideal products needed to make your wheels stand out. Specially designed to access the most challenging alloy profile with ease. Our uniquely shaped sponges are constructed from superior hydrophilic sponge technology meaning our sponges can hold a greater volume of water and car cleaning product than others on the market. They are engineered to provide superb flexible cleaning power while protecting surfaces from the characteristic defects associated with cheaper sponges on the market.


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