Infinity Wax Power Foam Snowfoam

  • Can be diluted up to 50:1
  • Will not strip waxes or coatings
  • Safe on all wheel finishes
  • Will not damage vehicle brightwork

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Infinity Wax Power Foam Snowfoam

Looking for a snowfoam that actually cleans? Power foam has been intensively developed in the first half of 2020 to directly compete with the other popular foam’s in the high cleaning power category.

Safety information: For use on finished automotive paintwork only. Do not use on vehicle interior. Apply powerfoam away from other peoples vehicles. Always wear gloves when using chemicals and avoid contact with bare skin. If irritation develops when using powerfoam stop immediately and wash the affected area with plenty of cold water and introduce gentle scrubbing. powerfoam may cause irritation to the eyes and skin. Always stand upwind of any spray. If powerfoam encounters eyes rinse thoroughly with eyewash. Keep out of reach of children! If swallowed contact your local emergency services and do not induce vomiting.

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500ml, 5L


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