Infinity Wax Synergy Prep Professional Panel Wipe 500ml

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Synergy Prep is a cola scented professional-grade panel preparation spray with no unnecessary additives that can affect the performance of coatings, waxes, or other last-stage protection products (LSP).

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Infinity Wax Synergy Prep Professional Panel Wipe 500ml

How To Use: Use prep to remove contamination from the bodywork of your vehicle prior to laying down a ceramic coating or any other form of protection product for maximum bond to the surface. this is essential if you are machine polishing as oils and polish residue can remain on the body panels which will prevent your chosen protection from developing a strong bond to the surface. Oh, and an added bonus, unlike those old skool body shop panel wipes this product contains no mineral solvents and has a refreshingly superb cola scent!

Safety: Synergy prep is flammable and will irritate eyes, airways, and broken skin. If you get prep in your eyes, rinse clean with a sterile eyewash solution. We recommend standing upwind of the product spray and wearing gloves when using any automotive chemicals. Always keep away from children! 


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