Koch Chemie SO.03 Hydro Foam Sealant

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Koch Chemie SO.03 Hydro Foam Sealant 1L

The premium wet sealant for a hydrophobic surface (paint, glass and plastic) and velvety soft feel. The protection offered by S0.03 prevents fading and deterioration of plastic parts and impregnates convertible roofs offering added longevity.

After application, rain will bead off glass ensuring excellent visibility on windscreens. Regular use will help to preserve the car maintaining the value of the vehicle. Has a pleasant fruity cherry scent.

Recommendations for Use:

  • Dilute 1:50 – 1:150 with water = this means using 20ml product with 980ml water for a 1:50 ratio, or 7ml product with 993ml water for a 1:150 ratio.
  • Apply to the cleaned, still wet vehicle using a foam sprayer or pump sprayer.
  • When using a foam gun, adjust pre-dilution accordingly.
  • Allow to react briefly.
  • Rinse off the product thoroughly to avoid stains.
  • Dry off any residual water.
  • Mix product for one application only and do not store the dilution.


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