Koch Chemie Tea Teerwäsche A Tar & Glue Remover

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  • Easy rinse
  •  Suitable for all solvent-resistant surfaces
  • Free from halogenated hydrocarbons
  • Easy to use

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Koch Chemie Tea Teerwäsche A Tar & Glue Remover


Koch-Chemie Teerwäsche A is a solvent-based special cleaner carefully designed for the effortless removal of tar and bitumen. Suitable for all solvent-resistant surfaces of cars, commercial vehicles, car wash brushes, workshop floors, machinery, etc.

Simply apply the undiluted product to a dry surface, allow for the ingredients to react for a while, then rinse off with a hose or pressure washer. Use a cloth to wipe off any product remnants. Where necessary, agitate the surface for a deeper clean.

Avoid leaks into surface or groundwater and the ground. Do not empty this product into drains. Using together with emulsifying substances (cleaners) will disturb the separating behaviour in the oil separator. Alway check suitability and compatibility before use. Free from halogenated hydrocarbons. Free from halogenated hydrocarbons. With Daimler approval.


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