Lake Country Microfibre Pads

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  • Advanced microfibre material for superior cutting power and refined finishing
  • Available in 3.5″ and 5.5″ sizes for precise and efficient polishing
  • Designed for professional detailers and enthusiasts seeking exceptional results
  • Ideal for removing defects and achieving flawlessly smooth and glossy finishes
  • Elevate your polishing game with Lake Country Microfibre Cutting & Polishing Pads
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Lake Country Microfibre Pads


The Lake Country Microfibre Cutting Pad is made with a blue foam backing and white microfibre front. These unique materials allow for industry leading cutting abilities. However, the fibres will mat down slower than other microfibre pads resulting in reduced pad temperatures. Designed to have minimal overhang for precision polishing and even pressure; 11mm thickness provides increased durability and perfect rotation on contoured surfaces.

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3.5" Cutting, 5.5" Cutting, 3.5" Polishing, 5.5" Polishing


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