MACS Cotton Detailing Stix 100pk

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MACS Cotton Detailing Stix 100pk


Cotton detailing sticks have been designed for the perfectionist. They have soft, 100% cotton tips that will remove wax and polish from car badges and side mouldings. They are also great for interiors, removing dust from crevasses of dashboards, gear levers, consoles etc.

The cotton-tipped swabs are 77mm long and are great for reaching into impossible hard-to-access gaps. The swabs are tapered to a fine point at one end and flattened at the other to reach into odd-shaped crevices. The lint-free constructed flexible cotton swabs dislodge and remove stubborn particles that insist on finding their way into the most difficult spots to get at. The detailing sticks are sturdy enough to knock loose obstinate crumbs and particles that prevent your car from achieving perfection.

For ultimate perfection, dip them into the appropriate product for the job to apply with precision. For example, use them with interior plastic or leather cleaners! The detailing sticks come in a resealable bag to keep them clean and dust-free.

100 detailing sticks per bag

Size of each detailing stick 77mm


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