MACS Snow Foam Lance Wide Neck

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The Wide Neck Snow Foam Lance is an adaptation on our original snow foam lance. The wider bottle is more practical as it distributes weight more evenly to ensure it remains upright and doesn’t fall over.

  • 1 Litre wide neck bottle
  • Attaches to pressure washer
  • Wide neck bottle will not fall over
  • Produces thick mounds of sudsy foam
  • Use with any suitable shampoo or snow foam formula



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MACS Snow Foam Lance Wide Neck

The wider bottle provides a stable base so it will stand up even when empty. The Lance fits onto most types of pressure washer, simply add an adaptor to your cart.

When you use a snow foam lance as part of your pre-wash process you reduce the risk of swirl marks. Snow foam works by loosening and lifting contaminants away from the surface.

The nozzle on the snow foam lance can be adjusted to deliver varying patterns of foam. The valve on the top of the lance regulates the dilution rate so you can alter the snow foam concentration.


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