P & S Shape Up – Rubber, Vinyl & Leather Dressing

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P & S Shape Up – Rubber, Vinyl & Leather Dressing


In addition to rejuvenating and protecting your interior surfaces it can also be used on exterior surfaces including tyres, bumpers and trim.

Not only will P&S Shape Up Dressing ensure that your rubber and vinyl has a natural shine and gloss, it will also ensure that your surfaces are protected from the elements.

Rubber and vinyl have the tendency to deteriorate quickly if they do not have a layer of protection. P&S Shape Up Dressing is a water-based silicone dressing that will last for weeks, making sure that your rubber and vinyl do not crack, warp, or dull.


It is recommended that you clean and dry the surface you will be dressing before you apply P&S Shape Up. Spray the dressing onto an applicator pad of your choosing and then apply P&S Shape Up Dressing directly to the surface you are dressing. Then simply wipe off the excess product.

Size: 473ml (16oz)


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