P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier

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Dream Maker should be applied to a freshly washed vehicle that is free of major contaminants. Clay the vehicle if necessary.

For Dry Paint applications, mist 1-2 sprays per panel and immediately work the product in with a microfibre towel. Flip the towel as needed to level the product.

For use as a drying aid, apply 1-2 sprays per panel and work the product in with your favourite drying towel.

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P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier

P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier can be used on any existing protection to further improve the gloss on a vehicle and give it that edge over the competition.

This product was developed for the McCall Detailing Team during Monterey Car Week to add mouth-watering amounts of gloss to the vehicles.

Dream Maker uses the latest in Gloss Technology to amplify the gloss of single stage and clear coated paint.

It is safe to use on all existing protection including P&S Bead Maker and even ceramic coatings. Dream Maker continues to improve the look and feel of glossy surfaces.

This gloss amplifier is ideal for show cars and every day drivers that you want to stand out from the crowd.