SCHOLL CONCEPTS Ecofix E1200 High Performance Cut 1L

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E1200 can generally be applied with all SCHOLL Concepts Polishing Pads. For best results, we recommend the use of the hard white Pad (ECO2343, ECO2347) or our TopWool Pad (ECO2053, ECO2057). Haze or light holograms on dark paints can be eliminated by using our E2000 or E3000 Polishing Compound in combination with the universal Pad orange.

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SCHOLL CONCEPTS Ecofix E1200 High Performance Cut 1L

The High Performance Cutting Compound E1200 has been designed specifically for paint finishing work on scratch resistant surfaces including UV cured paints. E1200 rapidly removes severe paint imperfections such as dust nibs, orange peel, paint runs and deep scratches. The high cut and the easy handling of the High Performance Compound will convince you.


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