Scholl Concepts – S3 Gold XXL Compound

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This is a one-step, high performance cutting compound for nearly all paint finishing applications on fresh paints.

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Scholl Concepts – S3 Gold Compound

Using Intelligent Powder Technology (iPT), users can enjoy virtually no dust contamination and the compound won’t stick to paint, even on hot surfaces. Grit P1500 sanding marks can be removed in seconds, leaving a brilliant finish and it can be used on all kinds of paint, even scratch resistant and UV-paint. Scholl S3 XXL Gold Edition is free of wax, silicone and toxic solvents.

Scholl S3 XXL Gold is the fast, easy way to remove scratches, oxidation and stains. It safely restores colour and clarity, whether working by hand with a Rotary or with a DA polisher. All kinds of paint imperfections, especially on fresh paintwork, can be polished out very easily and efficiently. Due to the unique powder structure based on aluminium oxide of high purity, an outstanding gloss with one single polishing step can be achieved, even on dark colours.

Extremely challenging and ductile surfaces, like the new generation of scratch-resistant automotive clear coats, can be polished out leaving an outstanding mirror-like finish. Scholl S3 XXL Edition Gold provides a unique and Intelligent Powder Technology (iPT). The powder is fully active at the beginning of the application and breaks into tiny nano-particles during the polishing process. Despite the high removal rate of the paste, these fine abrasive particles micro-polish the paint surface and generate an absolutely intense, brilliant and lasting high gloss.

Cut: 4.5/6
Gloss: 4/6

Available in 250ml


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