Shiny Garage 50ml Sample Kit

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  • White active foam with neutral pH Fruit Snow Foam 50 ml
  • Preparation for washing rims with deironizing properties Monster Wheel Cleaner 50 ml
  • Base Shampoo 50 ml
  • Bug Off insect remover 50 ml
  • D-Tox gel deironizer 50 ml
  • Universal interior cleaner Insider Interior Cleaner 50 ml
  • Interior dressing with a natural finish Apple Dressing 50 ml
  • Perfect Glass Cleaner 50 ml
  • Advanced Back2Black Polymer Tire Dressing 50 ml
  • Lacquer detailer with the addition of SiO2 ICY Ceramic Detailer 50 ml

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Shiny Garage 50ml Sample Kit

A selected set of 10 top Shiny Garage products in 50 ml packages. It contains agents that will refresh and protect paintwork, tires and internal plastic elements. Packed in an elegant cardboard box.