Soft 99 Glaco ‘W’ Jet Strong 180ml

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The most convenient hydrophobic glass coating imaginable!

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Soft 99 Glaco ‘W’ Jet Strong 180ml

After applying Glaco Jet rain will bead up and roll down the glass, cleanly taking with it any other water along the way. This high powered aerosol means you can treat even large windscreens in a matter of seconds! …which is useful when you get caught and have to apply in the rain… yes, you can apply this even in the rain!

How to use the product:

When wet:
1. Turn on the wipers.
2. Spray for around 3 seconds over the whole surface.
When dry:
1. Spray over the whole surface.
2. Use a damp, wrung-out towel to wipe around and all over the surface.


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