Soft 99 Glass Compound Z 100ml

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Key Features

  1. Advanced Formula: Soft 99 Glass Compound Z features an advanced formula that effectively eliminates tough stains, fine scratches, and haze from your glass surfaces, providing optimal results with minimal effort.
  2. Restores Clarity: Say goodbye to dull and hazy windows. This powerful glass compound rejuvenates your car’s glass, restoring its crystal clarity and enhancing visibility both during the day and night.
  3. Easy Application: The user-friendly application process ensures hassle-free usage. Simply apply a small amount of the compound onto a soft cloth or applicator pad, and gently polish the glass surface in circular motions. Wipe off any residue, revealing a clean and brilliant shine.
  4. Versatile Usage: Soft 99 Glass Compound Z is suitable for various glass surfaces, including windshields, windows, and mirrors. It can be used on both automotive and household glass, making it a versatile product for all your glass restoration needs.
  5. Long-lasting Results: This 100ml bottle provides ample product for multiple applications. Soft 99 Glass Compound Z delivers long-lasting results, keeping your glass surfaces in pristine condition for an extended period.

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Soft 99 Glass Compound Z 100ml

Introducing Soft 99 Glass Compound Z, the ultimate solution for restoring the clarity and shine of your car’s glass surfaces. This high-quality glass restoration compound is specially formulated to remove stubborn stains, scratches, and haze, giving you crystal-clear windows and improved visibility on the road.


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