Soft99 4x Tire Cleaner & Dressing 470ml

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Key Features:

  1. Superior Tire Cleaning: Soft99 4x Tire Cleaner Dressing effectively removes dirt, grime, and road debris from your tires, restoring their original luster.
  2. Long-lasting Shine: This tire dressing provides a long-lasting shine that enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle. The formula creates a glossy finish that lasts, even in challenging weather conditions.
  3. UV Protection: Soft99 4x Tire Cleaner Dressing offers UV protection, safeguarding your tires against harmful sun rays that can cause fading and cracking.
  4. Easy Application: Applying Soft99 4x Tire Cleaner Dressing is a breeze. Simply clean the tires thoroughly, ensuring they are dry. Apply the dressing evenly using a sponge or applicator pad, and let it dry.
  5. Versatile Use: Soft99 4x Tire Cleaner Dressing is suitable for all types of tires, including those made of rubber or synthetic materials. It can be used on various vehicles, making it a versatile tire care solution.

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Soft99 4x Tyre Cleaner & Dressing 470ml


Soft99 4x Tire Cleaner Dressing is designed to be easy to use. Simply apply the cleaner to your tires, allowing it to penetrate the surface for optimal results. With its versatile nature, this tire cleaner is suitable for all types of tires and vehicles. Whether you have rubber or synthetic tires on your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle, Soft99 4x Tire Cleaner Dressing delivers outstanding performance. Trust in this high-quality product to revitalize the appearance of your tires and provide long-lasting shine and protection. Take your vehicle’s aesthetics to the next level and make your tires stand out with Soft99 4x Tire Cleaner Dressing.


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