Sonax Clear View

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  • 1:100
  • Apple Fragrance
  • Cleans within seconds
  • Removes bugs, oils, Silicone and Dangerous blinding films

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Sonax Clear View

Removes insects, oil, silicone and dangerous blinding films. Compatible with plastics – does not induce stress cracks. Also well suitable for high-quality LED and XENON headlamps and plastic diffusers in clear glass design. With fresh scent. Suitable for fan jet nozzles. Can be mixed with tap water of all hardness degrees thanks to anti-lime effect. Contains bittering agents – more safety for children.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Unscrew the cap a quarter turn. Fill the dosing chamber with 25 ml of concentrate by squeezing the lower part of the bottle. Unscrew the cap completely and add the contents of the dosing chamber to the windscreen water. 25 ml is sufficient for 2.5 l of water. For larger containers use a correspondingly greater amount of concentrate. Protect against frost.


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