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Shake well before use, concentration used will determine foam thickness.

  1. Pour 50ml-100ml Froth into a Squid Ink Snow Pro 2.0 or IK Foam Pro 2
  2. Add warm water to make 1 litre of solution, connect lance.
  3. Spray liberally on a pre-rinsed vehicle.
  4. Leave to dwell for around 5-10 minutes.
  5. Rinse vehicle with clean water.
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Squid Ink Froth is our premium PH neutral snow foam concentrate, containing powerful active cleaning agents, surfactants and foaming inhibitors.

Froth delivers a thick blanket of dense foam that breaks down dirt, road film and grime, which can then be safely and effortlessly rinsed away.

Using a quality snow foam as part of your pre-wash routine greatly reduces the risk of swirl marks and scratches to the paintwork.

Squid Ink Froth vs AlkaFroth

Squid Ink Froth is PH neutral and won’t degrade existing waxes and sealants. Froth cleans well for a PH neutral foam and is a fantastic choice on well looked after cars, or vehicles with delicate finishes or wraps. Froth makes the perfect choice for regular maintenance washes.

Squid Ink AlkaFroth is our highly Alkaline based snow foam. This product was rated as having the best cleaning ability in Auto Care HQ’s Snow Foam Test, beating many of the largest brands in the country in the process.

AlkaFroth will slightly degrade existing waxes or sealants, it is a fantastic choice on dirtier cars where pure cleaning power is desired.

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