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Apply sparingly onto clean, dry plastic. Do not over-apply.

1. Ideally clean plastic with Squid Ink APC.

2. Dry with Squid Ink Mini Coral Drying Towel.

3. Carefully wipe Plasti-Guard onto plastic surface using Deep Blue Microfibre block.

4. Allow to evaporate for approximately 5 minutes.

5. Buff residue with Squid Ink Purple Hazel Microfibre.

When using Plasti-Guard on interior plastics, ensure the vehicle is well ventilated. Plasti-Guard is sold with a child proof locking cap only. Applying with a trigger would cause overspray.

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Squid Ink Plasti-Guard is our cherry scented plastic dressing/sealant. It contains a unique blend of oils, waxes and solvents that restores and protects plastic trims, bumpers, dashboards and vinyl.

Plasti-Guard gently moisturises plastic surfaces and creates a tough, durable hydrophobic barrier against water, dust and traffic film.

It will revitalise and slightly darken plastics, leaving them looking factory fresh, protecting them for several months. Plasti-Guard has been critically acclaimed across the detailing world since it’s release, a truly amazing, very durable product!


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