Tenzi Neutral Magic Clear Snow Foam 1L

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  • Thick and Creamy
  • Cherry Scent

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Tenzi Neutral Magic Clear Snow Foam 1

Active Foam White is a highly concentrated, ph neutral foam that is fully biodegradable and does not contain any phosphates, does not disturb biological sewage plants. It has been designed to provide a safe and effective method of washing vehicles strengthened by wax, quartz or ceramic coating. It is safe on all kinds of surfaces, chrome, nickel, aluminium, rubber, acrylic, glass.

This Active Snow Foam has intense cherry aroma.


-wash down sand and salt from car body

-depending on the level of contamination make a solution

*thinner foam 10ml of product to 10L of water (1 part of product to 10 parts of water)

*thicker, creamy foam 30ml-50ml to 10L of water (3-5  parts of product to 10 parts of water)



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