Zirconite ZQ5 Quartz Rim Coating

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  • Designed for extreme protection on hard-working wheels.
  • Withstands high temperatures and harsh chemicals.
  • Keeps your wheels cleaner longer.
  • Makes cleaning your wheels easier.
  • 1 coat lasts 6 months/6,000 miles and can be doubled with a second application.

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Zirconite ZQ5 Quartz Rim Coating

ZQ5 keeps rims cleaner for longer!
Extreme protection for hard working wheels.
Chemically bonds to wheel surfaces to ensure ultimate durability
Withstands high temperatures and harsh chemicals, making it an ideal solution for hard-working wheels.
Surface rheology provides excellent brake dust, stain and contaminant resistance, making surfaces much easier to clean and maintain.
Quick, simple and easy to use. One application lasts up to 6 months

1 x 15ml ZQ5 Quartz Nano Rim Coating
2 x Quartz Applicator Pads
1 x Pair Rubber Gloves
1 x Instruction leaflet


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